Xero integration frequently asked questions

Why didn't my customer or supplier sync to Xero?

Newly created customers/suppliers in SAM will not display in the Xero contact list for customers/suppliers until they have at least one transaction. You can find them in the Xero All contact listing though.

Why don't I see my SAM transactions in Xero?

There could be a few reason why a transaction is not showing up in Xero:

  • Only invoices and finalised purchase orders are uploaded to Xero
  • The transactions contact has been archived in Xero
  • The connection to Xero may have been interrupted or is offline
  • Historical transactions will not sync to a new Xero connection
  • There is unexpected data in the transaction and Xero has rejected the upload

Any errors in the sync to Xero are recorded in the  Xero History listing as failed transactions. 

The notification alarm bell will display the number of errors that need investigating. Click on the alarm bell to open the notification screen and then the failed Xero transaction listing to investigate and to try and re-post to Xero.

How do I deal with Xero batch errors?

When you get the alarm bell icon (above), just select the batch you want to resolve, then check the error message (#1 below).

The most common error messages are (click to learn more):

  1. "The Tax Type field is mandatory"

  2. "Another contact has this contact number"

  3. "The description field is mandatory for each item"

Alternatively, maybe your transaction that doesn't need to go to Xero, if so, just flag this batch in SAM.

If your error cannot be dealt with using the methods above, submit a support ticket (Subject: Xero batch error).

When does the data sync to Xero occur?

The data sync is live. 

The only non-live data sync are payments made in Xero. These payments are periodically synced when opening an invoice, running the payment report, or first logging into SAM.


How do I manage debtor (customer) accounts or send statements?

There are two parts to this

Account balances statements etc

Managing debtor accounts is best managed within your Xero account. While you will be invoicing customers from within SAM and you may be entering payments either directly into Xero or into SAM, all debtor account management should be managed within Xero. SAM will send invoices etc to Xero; from there Xero manages the balances and statements etc.


Names has to be managed in SAM, if names are edited in Xero then the connection between Xero and SAM for that customer is broken

Always manage customer names in SAM

Will customers/suppliers deleted from SAM also be deleted from Xero?

No, deletion (actually, "archiving") of contacts from Xero has to be done in Xero. Deleting customers in SAM will only remove them from SAM. Read more about archiving Xero contacts here: https://central.xero.com/s/article/Archive-or-restore-contacts

Please NB:
You will also have to remove them from SAM as well.

Merging Customers / Suppliers

It is important that if you have any duplicate supplier/client accounts that you merge them in SAM rather than merging them in Xero. See the link below for more detail and step by step instructions on merging suppliers/customers:

[SAM] How to Merge Customers or Suppliers


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