Creating and copying check sheets for SmartCheck Add-on

Once an Administrator User (with a password) and Company have been created and supplied to you go to. Go to:

If you would like to have this Add-on please follow this link and we will be in contact soon.


Once logged in Click on Checksheets:

Failed Reasons

By default the Checksheet listing will show first - click on Failed Reasons to view edit and add them:

Failed reasons are used in Checksheets and should be set-up first - these can be used in all Checksheets for the Company selected

  1. From here you can create New, Modify or Delete existing
  2. Duplicate will Duplicate ALL reasons to another company:
    1. NB: Duplicating Failed Reasons will need to be done first BEFORE copying a Checksheet
  3. Click on Checksheets to go back to the Checksheet listing

You only need to have two fields entered for Failed Reasons: Reason Name and Display Order

Create a Checksheet

  1. Make sure the Company is correct
  2. Click on New

Checksheet General Details tab

  1. Company: Should be pre-filled - make sure it is correct
  2. Name: Enter the name of the checksheet
  3. Enter the Checksheet code
  4. Folloup: If this is ticked you will be able to run a follow-up in SAM or Orion as a group based on this followup
  5. The Type is split into three:
    1. Asset: Check will be done on on a Vehicle/Item
    2. Job: Check will be done on a workshop Job
    3. Customer: As at 25/04/2020 not available
  6. Default Answer: This is what will be used when creating Questions see Checksheet Answers below for further information on them.
  7. Active From: St a specific date range for the Checksheet, or leave it open ended (never ending)
  8. Enter notes about the Checksheet if needed

Checksheet Sections tab 

You are only able to Add (1), Modify (2) or Delete (3) a section if the Checksheet has NOT been used

Use the sections tab to break up the Checksheet a little - so the user doesn't get overwhelmed - see below for a WOF example.

You must have at least one section - this is a mandatory field in a Question

NB: Call-out Z: if you see this symbol the list can be exported to different formats.

Enter the Section Name (A), Section Code (B) and Display Order (C) when adding a Section:

Checksheet Login Groups

Select the groups individually or use the Select All button

Checksheet Questions tab

Finally getting the questions!! The reason why we are here.

Questions can only be edited in any way (A) if the Checksheet has NOT been used

Checksheet Question - General tab

Most of this is pretty self explanatory, but I'll go through it anyway

  1. Name the question - give it a logical label
  2. Keep the code as logical as possible - in this example it is the 9th question in the Chassis Underbody section = C9
  3. Select the Section for the question - this is a mandatory field
  4. the display order IN THE SECTION
  5. Check boxes:
    1. Each question can also link to a follow -just like the Checksheet.
    2. You can alsoforce the person who is filling out the checksheet to fill out a Note if it has failed and/or there is a warning
  6. Default Answer: this is the answer that is displayed when filling out the Checksheet, see Checksheet Answers below for further information on them
  7. Notes that can help the person filling out the Checksheet.
  8. Ticking this will show the notes on the Checksheet form when filling it out.

Checksheet Question - Measurements tab

This is a good example to show how measurements can be used.

In a WOF we will need to take the measurements for the Tyre tread:

  1. They can only be removed(un-ticked) if the measurements have NOT been used
  2. Only two are forced due - WOF's can be done for Motor bikes
  3. Steps can be used
    1. i.e. If you want Whole numbers (1, 2, 3, etc)  then it would be 1

Checksheet Question - Failed Reasons tab

Why would a WOF fail on a tyre tread? Because there isnt enough - Too low

Click on Modify to add/change Failed Reasons for this question

NB: Failed Reasons will NOT copy across if you have copied the Checksheet from another company FIRST

Copy (Duplicate) a Checksheet

This is creating a Checksheet - the easy way - by copying someone else's.

Open the Checksheet listing

  1. Select the correct Company to copy FROM
  2. Highlight the Checksheet you want to copy
  3. Click on Duplicate


  1. This is VERY important, failed reasons will not link correctly if not brought over first.
  2. Select the correct company to copy TO

Question Answers - Icons and their meanings

Each question has 5 different possible responses 

All are valid responses except Blank

You are able to force a Note if the response is either Fail or Warning - see Checksheet Question - General tab

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