This article explains what to do if you have a batch that can't post from SAM to Xero because there is an error about the description field

To check unposted batches - go to the System menu then choose Xero GL Batches


The error message might look like this:

16290                     ACCREC                        **Error** The description field is mandatory for each line item.

Every line on a Xero Batch needs to have a Description

1. Find the invoice number and posting.

In SAM go to System then Xero GL Batches to view the error in the Unposted tab.

Highlight the batch on the left hand side of the Xero GL Batches screen and you will see on the right hand side that one line of the invoice does not have a Description:

We will need to open the invoice in order to know what the description should have been

2. Confirm what the Description should have been.

In SAM go to Invoice Enquiry and open up the invoice.

In this example the highlighted line has a part number ("CODE") but there is no description/Comment:

3. Fix the Xero Batch so it can post

Go back to the Xero GL Batches screen and double click on the line on the right hand side of the screen

This will open the Maintain Xero Posting window

Add the Description then click OK

The batch will now display like this:  


Click on the Post Batch button to send the invoice through to Xero:

And choose Yes to send the invoice through to Xero:

The batch should post to Xero and no longer display under Unposted - you will now see it under the Posted and All tabs - and it will have a Posted Date and Time: 

4. Check the part set-up

We do this to ensure it doesn't happen continuously 

Go to Maintenance > Stock and locate the part number - add a suitable description then click OK:

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