This article explains what to do if you have a batch that can't post from SAM to Xero because there is an error with the payment/receipt

To check unposted batches - go to the System menu then choose Xero GL Batches


Payments can only be made against Authorised Documents


Payment amount exceeds the amount outstanding on this document

The batch error might look like this:

Go to System then Xero GL Batches to view the unposted batch:

The first step is to check all the transactions that relate to this invoice.

So click on the All (1) tab, then enter the invoice number in the Search Anywhere (2) box at the base of the window:

After entering the invoice number click the Tab key on your keyboard to display the transactions:

In this example the invoice was for $30.00.

1. Batch 9210 is a receipt for $30 - the Type of "Ex Payment" means it is a receipt processed in Xero then downloaded into SAM.

2. Batch 9203 is a receipt of $30 which has not posted (No date or time in the "Posted" column A)

3. You can also see that the invoice was posted from SAM to Xero in Batch 9202. 

The invoice is fully paid because the receipt from Xero has matched against it.

This means that Batch 9203 cannot be matched to Xero because there is no balance outstanding on the invoice in Xero.

The batch needs to be "flagged" so that it stops trying to post to Xero.

Flag a batch as posted

Double click on the batch on the left hand side of the screen and the Maintain Xero Batch window will pop up.

Then select/enter a Posted Date (usually today), add a suitable Note then click OK:

NB: ALWAYS start a note with your initials - this way we all k know who to go to with any questions

The batch will no longer display under Unposted - you will now see it under the Posted and All tabs - and it will have a Posted Date and Time:

This does NOT actually post anything to Xero
It is an internal flag in SAM that stops SAM trying to send it to Xero

Another potential solution to payment/receipt errors

If you check the transactions on the invoice and can only find the invoice and receipt batches, ie there is no "Ex Payment" batch then here is a different step to try.

Search Anywhere displays these transactions:

Click on the Invoice Enquiry button on the main SAM screen (you can leave the Xero Batches screen open)

Open the invoice and click on:

1. Receipt History

2. Refresh from Xero

You may get a message like this:

Check your information about this invoice and receipt and choose the appropriate action

What actually happens:

ADD:Adds another receipt to Xero
Can be used if there are actually two receipts for the same amount
UPDATEUpdates SAM showing the invoice is paid.
Will mark the batch as posted in the Xero Batches window
Used if there is only one receipt 
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