Want another way to communicate to your technicians?

Send them a text from inside SAM!

The following articles can give more information on different aspects of texting from SAM:



You must have the SMS add-on activated

If you don't have this - click here to request it


This may come as a surprise but in order to text a technician (mechanic) you will need to enter a cell phone in their details

Go to Maintenance > Technicians:

And enter a cell phone number in the General tab:

Sending from the Job

Open a job (I hope you already know how to do this) and add a technician

The SMS button will then be available (as long as they have a cell phone # entered as above):

The "Send SMS" window

There are multiple different things we can do here, but what we need to concentrate on are the following:

1.    Edit the mobile # - change it if needed

2.    Job Details - Enters the details of the Job automatically

You can still edit the SMS note if you want to

3.    Send the message


There will be a pop-up saying it was successful: