Learn how to transfer data between SAM / Orion and SmartCheck & perform an online SmartCheck


Export data from Orion/SAM:

This is done to ensure the data in SmartCheck is up to date

  • Go to Misc > SmartCheck > Export


To start a SmartCheck:

On any device go to : http://www.smartcheck.co.nz/smartcheck

  • Enter your Company ID, Login ID and Password - this will be supplied by SAM Support
  • Tick Mobile Mode if using a Mobile Device
    • NB: screenshots are showing Mobile Mode 


  • Choose Asset or Job


  • Enter the Registration # (1), and select which form you will be using(2)
    • Other information will populate from the data exported above
    • This data should also write back to SAM or Orion when imported
  • Click on Start to (don't be too shocked) Start it. 

  • Answer the questions
    • Click anywhere between the Question and Pencil to add notes if needed
    • Click on the icon on the right hand of the question to change to Pass/Fail/Attention.

Note: If you see the following message pops up means you have to add notes into the question.

Viewing the results

Importing data to SAM or Orion (workshop)

  • Go to Misc > SmartCheck > Import
  • Open the Vehicle/Item listing and highlight the vehicle:
    • Click on Check Sheet at the bottom of the window:

The Follow-up report can be run if the SmartCheck was linked to a Follow-up


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