Depending on your settings you should get an alert to Update every day, week or month. This article goes through the steps to Update from version 6008



Running the Update

You will need to click on Update (1)

You do not need to change Backup (2) - this will be set to what we believe it should be

It will prompt you with the installation screen, click on Yes, after which a back up will start

Once backup is finished it will open the Wizard Screen, Click Next.

Choose Next again as it shows the space required and destination installed.

Last step will prompt you to click on Finish,once clicked on finish it will take you back to login screen with the updated SAM.


Updates - on demand.

Go to Help Menu (1) > Click on Check for Updates (2) > Click on Check Now (3) 

It will prompt you for an update if available.

Choose Update and follow the steps  above

To check that Auto update is Turn On  

Go to Help Menu (1) > Click on Check for Updates (2) > Check Frequency (3)

This should not be Never so the system can check for updates Daily, weekly or Monthly

It is HIGHLY suggested to be Once per Day, if not Once per Week


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