How to reconcile payments in Xero that were posted/completed in SAM.


Any payments completed in SAM must be reconciled in Xero using the payment clearing account.

The payment clearing account is usually a general ledger code which should have been setup by your accountant when the SAM - Xero integration went live.

The payments completed directly in Xero will not need to be reconciled using the payment clearing account, please contact/talk to your accountant for the standard reconciliation process.


It is advisable that you use the ‘Workshop Payment Type Report’ in SAM found under Reports > Debtors.

This will allow you to select a date range to get a summary or detail of all transactions which have been completed in SAM.

In Xero, you can view the ‘Customer Invoice Report by Paid’ or the ‘Detailed transaction report – for the Payment Clearing Account’ for receipt reconciliations.



You will need to use the payment clearing account in Xero:

  1. Start by going into ‘Dashboard’ in Xero and clicking on Manage > Reconcile Account
  2. Once in the reconciliation screen, you will find your statement transactions which has been imported from your bank feeds on the left hand side of the screen. On the right hand side of the screen you will be able to match, create and transfer transactions.
  3. When reconciling, you will need to ‘Create’ a transaction and link it to the ‘payment clearing account’.


Who: Name of the contact

What: Select the ‘SAM payment clearing account’

Why: A brief description


3.  When all relevant details have been entered you can click on the ‘Ok’ button to continue

4.  This will then remove the transaction from your reconciliation screen. Your ‘SAM Payment             Clearing Account’ will now be credited and your Bank account (that you reconciled from) will         be debited.

If all transactions receipted in SAM have been reconciled in Xero, your SAM Payment Clearing Account should balance and be zero.

If a cheque is processed as a receipt in SAM but has not yet been presented it is best to leave it in the clearing account until it is presented in the bank.


See this Xero article for more information

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